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If you have Power Point slides that report regularly updated financial or numeric data that comes from an Excel spreadsheet, you can save a lot of time by linking the data instead of retyping it.This technique also allows you to secure the data from others changing it and prevents accidental transposition errors.

Step 2: Copy the table in Excel Using your mouse or arrow keys, highlight the table of data in Excel. The slide layout with a title only is usually a good choice if the imported table will be the main focus of the slide.The front-end database links to the tables in the back-end database, so it can be updated without worrying about changes to the data.This is particularly important for multi-user applications where each user has a copy of the front-end database on their machine sharing the same centralized data.Once it is defined as relative path, I will never required to change again. Name Next i For i = i - 1 To 0 Step -1 n = tablenames(i) If Left(n, 4) n Then dbs. Delete n: Linking dbs, dbs_source, n End If End If End If Next i Private Sub Linking(target As Database, source As Database, whichtable As String) Dim td As Table Def Set td = target. Thanks for your support and expect again Parminder Singh If your referring to my post then it is not required to use VBA since you can automate Access in VB. Create an App variable object instance and open the db. The code I wrote is below: Main file's database password is : 1234 Link file's database password is : abcd Link Data2file's database password is : abcd The code show me message box with expacted message: MS Access; PWD=abcd; DATABASE=C:\Folder1\Folder2\Link But not change the "Connect" property. If If make Remark the code line which is changing the "Connect" property, then code show message box , open MS Access and close MS Access. Thanks Parminder Singh You must delete linked tables first!

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