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You're sophisticated, 21st century men with a copy of the El Bulli cookbook, a timeless pair of investment brogues and a couple of Joni Mitchell albums — for when you want to sit in your leather armchair, and have a little, noble, necessary man-cry. Not all the penises being burned in a Penis Bonfire. You are like my friend John, when he talks about dating alpha-women: "Feel intimidated by them? Dating and marrying powerful women is like big game hunting. Unfortunately, in both cases, the entire future of the world does rest on people being able to say those words properly, and not mumbling "femernism", or "envibeoment". Which are both, when you think about it, much odder-sounding.2. Similarly, when we talk about the patriarchy, that's not you, either. And then it turned up every month for the next 30 years. Abortion Likewise, imagine accidentally getting pregnant at 16, then having to run past a barrage of anti-abortion protestors outside your local clinic, all holding up pictures of dead foetuses.

You've noted that while society's happy for a famous man to age, and become distinguished, and generally wander around looking like a fucking wizard, the women generally still seem to be 20 years younger, and standing there on the cover of magazines, all like, "Oh! You've watched the whole Caitlyn Jenner trans thing unfold and gone, "You know what — this all seems fair enough. You like women being equal to men — which is all that feminism means. Because I am a chronic over-sharer, and incapable of keeping secrets. They both have that slight implication of, "I'm now going to launch into a speech that's basically about what a great person I am". " — until they feel as normal as saying "pina colada", or "Michael Fassbender". You are unlikely to get custody of your kids, and are three times more likely to commit suicide. Men, imagine if, some time around your 12th birthday, some manner of viscous liquid — let's say gravy — suddenly appeared in your pants, in the middle of a maths lesson. It's one of the defining aspects of being a woman.4.

"14, 88" is a code among neo-Nazis and white supremacists referring to one of two 14-word pledges repeated by members of the Aryan Nation: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" or "Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth." The repetition of "88" refers to the eighth letter of the alphabet, "H," which is how neo-Nazis abbreviate "heil Hitler" so they can quietly signal each other.

Imagine if you had to get your bum-hole stripped every 30 days — lest the mean girls at school corner you on the bus home and go, "I've heard you're like Catweazle down there.

The existence of the village was documented for the first time in 1070, and historical records show that some twenty years later, the lord was recorded in Latin as Adalpertus de Fucingin.

The spelling of the name has evolved over the years; it is first recorded in historical sources with the spelling as Vucchingen in 1070, Fukching in 1303, British and American soldiers based in nearby Salzburg noticed the name after World War II, and began to travel to the village to have their photos taken beside the signs while striking various poses.

The local residents, the Fuckingers, were considerably bemused as they had not previously been aware of the meaning of their village's name when read as English.

The village is especially popular with British tourists; as a local tour guide explained: "The Germans all want to see Mozart's house in Salzburg; the Americans want to see where The Sound of Music was filmed; the Japanese want Hitler's birthplace in Braunau; but for the British, it's all about Fucking." Augustina Lindlbauer, the manager of an area guesthouse, noted that the area had lakes, forests, and vistas worth visiting, but there was an "obsession with Fucking".

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We had this routine going all summer and Melissa had gotten really comfortable with me being there.

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Finding out your partner's been emotionally canoodling with someone else makes you think, " The big red flag is the secrecy.

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Three of the founders of the Albany Chapter Sandra Alinger, Peg Donovan and Jeri Bosman during a meeting of 100 Women Who Care, Albany chapter at Delmar Reformed Church on Thursday Aug. Three charities are pitched by members at each meeting. She heard about 100 Women Who Care while visiting a friend in South Carolina and decided to transport the concept north.

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ACE Education Advice & ACE Education Training continue the work of The Advisory Centre for Education.

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With the average age of a solo traveller at 54 and expected to keep rising, it’s proof that plenty of over-60s are already discovering...

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Men’s Dating Coach James: There’s 3 points, but I just want to make a very important point. This is guy one: now, he sees Rebecca and he think she’s cute, she actually looks over and he’s like “oh man that girl’s cute. Oh yeah, look [read more…] Dating Coach and relationship expert James was recently invited to appear on Australia’s Number 1 morning show, Sunrise.

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If a guy says he doesn't want commitment and then starts to talk about you wanting his 'stuff', then that's crossing the line. Once you get him to clarify what he means you can decide if you are ok with it or not. But I did find out what he really wanted in the process of being his so called friend. ( possible meaning: You're both out there looking, both new to each other so lets not tie ourselves down, don't take offense if another woman calls we are dating not in an exclusive relationship) Ok am I wrong or does this mean he just wants sex?

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We really wanted to like “Double Your Dating,” because we believe one of the big sociological problems of our age is that the sexes can’t understand each other. He is also behind Christian Carter’s basically a version of “David De Angelo” for females. He gives lectures on how to manipulate people to make millions, basically by making any product seem premium and worth buying even when it’s not.